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You only have to pay for what you actually use. If you cancel a part of your reservation, the difference will be refunded automatically.

Yes. You’re money will be refunded 100%. We don’t have a cancellation fee. Please do inform us at least 2 days before your first rental day so that our RENTertainers don’t have to spend time preparing the equipment if you're not going to need it.

You can change your reservation if it is done 2 days before your first rental day. Please login to your account and go to "My reservations" to change your rental period, correct your shoe size, etc. 

The log on only works with the same email address that you either provided us with in the shop when you checked in or that you used when you used when you registered with the website ot make your online rental reservation. Please make sure that you are using the correct email address to log on. If you saved or printed a reservation confirmation from your most recent rental, you can check there to see which email address is printed on the confirmation.

If these solutions do not work, send an email with your question, first and last name, as well as your birthdate to We’ll work on a solution as quickly as possible.

That’s not a problem. You can request a new password anytime. Simply enter your user name and email address into the log on screen and click on “forgot my password.” We’ll send you a new password right away. You can use the new password to log on and change your password by navigating from the menu to My Account>Edit Profile>Log on Data.

In order to accurately and safely prepare your equipment we need your height and weight for  he proper binding settings. And in order to send you the reservation confirmation, we need your email address. As a result, you’ll be on the slopes more quickly . Additionally, your registration automatically gives you all the advantages of an INTERSPORT Rent member.

  • Your personal profile is saved for future bookings
  • You can find the equipment from your previous rental in our system.
  • Simple cancellations
  • No down payment for Online-Reservations
  • You’ll receive email updates and news about INTERSPORT Rent and about your holiday destination

 Click here for more information.


Yes. There is a basic insurance for your equipment that protects against theft and damage. If, for example, your skis break or are stolen, you are required to pay a deductable. With the Carefree Package you would not have to pay the deductible.

In event of breakage or theft of the bike you are also required to pay a duductable! But we also have in summer a Carefree Package!

You can pay with credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or Maestro! You can see that at the end of the online reservatin! Directly in the shop you can also pay in cash!

Of course you can pay in the store. Please keep in mind, however, that with your online reservation and payment, you will usually save money and time in the shop since you won’t have to go to the cash register. Therefore you’ll be on the slopes more quickly.

There are different reasons why the online payment might not work. Most of the time it helps to try again a little bit later. If it still doesn’t work, try the following:

  • Refresh your browser
  • Open our website in a different browser and log in again (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari…)
  • Try it using a different device or with a different credit card if possible.

In case you still have problems, send an email to with a screenshot of the step in which the payment wouldn’t go through and a short description of what happened. We’ll check to see if your payment was successful and we’ll work as quickly as possible on a solution.


Yes, that’s possible. It will be ready for you at 4:00 pm on the day prior to your rental period.

Please bring your rental equipment back to one of our store locations no later than 10:00 am on the day after your rental period ends.

Anytime! If you notice on the slopes that your boot doesn’t fit correctly, then just stop by our store. We’ll exchange your bootsfor a different model and we won’t let you go until you feel absolutely comfortable in your boots. After all, we want you to have fun on the slopes.

You can get this information from the particular Intersport retailer where you rented the equipment. Please send an email to! The employees on-site will help you find the information that you need.

Right before you complete your reservation, you can enter your desired model into the field for „Special Requests for Your Reservation” Our RENTertainers will do their best to fulfill your request. 

While making your online reservation, you can choose the storage space option and add it to your equipment reservation. If the store where you are making your reservation offers storage, then you will see a corresponding icon next to the “Products” list for the store.

A storage space can only be booked online in combination with a ski equipment rental. You can, however, send us an email to inquire about storage availability:

Carefree Package: In the event of breakage or theft a fee is incurred (Superior 500,- / Premium 350,- / Economy 200,-). 
For our carefree package you pay 7,- (1day rental) / 12,- (2 day rental) / 18,- (from a rental period of 3 days) and the fee is completely omitted!
kids: -50%

Lift tickets or ski courses cannot be booked at Intersport Arlberg. You can, however, order lift tickets directly via the Ski Arlberg and you can make your ski school reservations via local ski schools.

The reason for that is because our RENTERtainers need a little bit of lead time to carefully prepare your rental equipment. You can still save some time in the store by doing an online check-in in advance. By doing so, you will not have to go to the check-in terminals in the store. You can simply go with your confirmation print out directly to the rental station where the RENTertainers will find the right equipment for you on the spot.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make reservations for half-day rentals online – only full-day rentals are offered here. In these cases, please contact the RENTertainers on-site and check with them to see if a half-day rental is possible. You can contact:




At the beginning of your online reservation, after you have entered the location and date, you will find a small box on the right side: “I have a discount code”. Please click it and enter your code.

Our system allows only one discount for an online booking. But you can be sure that you will always receive the biggest discount.

If you, for example, would receive a 10% discount for reserving online but you have a discount code for 15%, you will automatically receive the higher discount as soon as you enter it – the 15% discount in this case.

The discount for youths up to 14 years old (they only pay 50% of the adult prices) is not displayed separately, rather the prices shown are already 50% off the adult prices.

The order confirmation is sent to the email address that you entered between 10 and 60 minutes after you complete your online booking.

Please also check your spam folder. It could be that your email provider marked the confirmation email as spam.

Yes, we have touring skis incl. skins, snowshoes, shortcarver and snowbikes! Just mentioned your special wish in the remark at the online-reservation!

Every store offers special group rates. Please contact the shop from which you want to you’re your equipment and ask about the group rates. Please contact :


To ensure that we have enough equipment available for your school class’s winter sport week with a school class, be sure to inform us at least one month in advance (ideally even earlier). You can notify us in one of the two following ways:

  • Either you complete the online registration form for your students (we need to know the first and last name, required equipment, age, height, weight, shoe size, and ability level for each person)
  • Or you simply print out the registration form, complete it and send it to us at or by Fax to 0043 7242/233 33408

Kids from 24 (EU) / 7 kids (UK)  till

Adults till 49-50 (EU) / 14 (UK)

After your reservation has been completed you will be forwarded to a site where you can enter your name, weight, size, ... It is possible to leave a comment there. For example you can state your prefered ski brand or other preferences. 

With Depot PickUp, we deliver your online booked rental equipment ready and prepared directly to your personal Intersport Arlberg depot! That means, simply pick up and start right away. Your depot space is of course available to you during your entire stay.

For the extra effort € 10,- per person will be charged - the price is excluded from any discounts!

In principle, you can always cancel free of charge at Intersport without giving any reason. We will then refund the total price for the reserved equipment.  Please note, however, that this does not apply to depot pick-up service fee for short-term cancellations!

  • Depot PickUp: Cancellation free of charge up to 24 h before rental start. Cancellation is also possible within 24 hours before rental start - in this case we will refund 100% of the rental price, but keep the Depot PickUp service fee!



CAREFREE PACKAGE: No fee to pay in case of damage or theft! Also includes the helmet and bike lock!

In the event of a damaged or stolen bike a fee is incurred (MTB-Fully & E-MTB 2.000,- / E-Fully 3.000,-).By taking the carefree package (1 day € 12 / 2 days € 22 / from 3 days onward € 32) the fee is completely omitted! Deliberate or negligent damage is excluded. Also included in our carefree package are
helmets, locks and our „Pick Up Service“ this means that if you would be unable to continue your journey (due to a damaged bike) we will pick you up at the nearest place in the Arlberg area accessible by car as long as we are allowed to drive to said location.
Deliberate or negligent damage is excluded. In the event of theft, a police report is required! Theft insurance is valid between 8 am and 8 pm in a locked state (with our lock on a fixed object)! From 8 pm to 8 am only in locked rooms.


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