More Skiing Pleasure via the Best Service

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More Skiing Pleasure via the Best Service

For your skis and snowboard
Up to -10%

Top Service from Wintersteiger

Amazing service over night. Bring your skis or snowboard by after a day of skiing, and we'll have your equipment in top form the following morning. With the professional tuning machines from Wintersteiger you'll be able to enjoy a quiet ride, quick and easy turns, and holding an edge in icy conditions again.

Innovation V-Edge, exklusiv in St. Anton am Arlberg

Ultimate driving experience
variable edge angle

Professional Service / NEW incl. V-Edge*

For holes in the base that don't go to the core.

Ski € 48,-
Snowboard € 56,-

incl. smoothing out rough scratches by hand and removing any leftover wax deposits, high quality base mass fusion over the entire ski, stone grind of the base, base edge bevelling, side edge sharpening (89°) , removal of burrs and polishing of the side edges, base wax and polish

*V-Edge service exclusive in St. Anton & St. Christoph

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Classic Service / NEW incl. V-EDGE*

For minor damage and if the base is rough

Ski € 38,-
Snowboard € 46,-

incl. structure grinding of the base, base edge bevelling, side edge sharpening (89°) , removal of burrs and polishing of the side edges, base wax and polish

*V-Edge service exclusive in St. Anton und St. Christoph

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Professional Service / NEW incl. V-EDGE*
General repairs, stone grind, edge sharpening, waxing
€ 48,-€ 56,-
Classic / NEW incl. V-EDGE*
Belagstrukturschliff, edge sharpening, waxing
€ 38,-€ 46,-
Wax service€ 10,-€ 10,-

Precision punching tool work
per spot

€ 38,-€ 38,-
Safety Package
Check and set the bindings
€ 22,-

Mounting system bindings and waxing skis

Binding assembly (drilling) and ski waxing

Mounting touring bindings and waxing skis

€ 20,-

€ 60,-

€ 60,-

children's skis up to 140cm -50%

*V-Edge service exclusive in St. Anton  & St. Christoph

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Safety Package

Safety Package

In addition to a well-serviced ski or board, properly set bindings are also very important for your safety. We recommend our Safety Package, an annual safety check with an electronic analysis machine.

Additional Services

Base Gouge Repair
Safety Package
Mounting Services

Boot Fitting
The perfect fit for your boots

If the boots fit, everything's good. A well-fitting ski book is fundamental for you to have a good time on the slopes. If your feet aren't comfortable on the mountain, then even the best conditions don't matter. With our foot analysis methodology, we'll make sure your ski boots are a perfect fit for your feet so you can relax and enjoy everything the Arlberg region has to offer.

Here's how we find the best fitting boots for you: One of our trained professionals will work with you to do an exact analysis of your feet. He or she will speak with you to get an understanding of your individual needs and then help you choose the best fitting boots from our wide selection. The boot transfers power from your body to the ski and is therefore the most important part of a skier's equipment.


Test & Buy

Whether you’re looking for skis or boots – INTERSPORT ARLBERG provides you with the opportunity to put equipment through its paces before you buy. Our INTERSPORT ski and boot experts look forward to providing you with help and advice. The INTERSPORT foot analyses allows your foot to be measured and analysed in order to be able to select the right boots to suit your personal requirements. Just to ensure that you make the right choice, you are welcome to test your new boots or skis on the slope before buying! Our Test & Buy offer allows you to try out the skis and boots, and a rental fee for up to two days is the deducted from the purchase price if you buy them later. Thus, you know what you’re getting for your money and don’t have to buy a pig in a poke.


Top Ski Service in the Arlberg Region

The Arlberg region is calling its winter friends. It pulls you in with its 305 km of marked slopes for every ability level and with its athletic challenges of 200 km of deep snow runs. In order to take full advantage, your equipment has to be in the best condition. Our ski and snowboard service center in St. Anton am Arlberg will get your gear into the best shape.