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The custom ski boot

With our Bootfitting technologies, comfortable skiing on the slopes is now within reach. All the peculiarities of a foot are taken into account, significantly enhancing athleticism with the perfectly fitting ski boot. Because only when power transmission is executed precisely, performance, endurance, and safety during skiing increase.

Our INTERSPORT Arlberg experts will be happy to advise you and fit the boot to your foot. Take your time to carefully select the ideal ski boot - the right ski boots are an important long-term investment for piste fans!

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1. Fitting
2. Heating up
3. Cooling

As boot fitting specialists, we use a variety of techniques to achieve the perfect fit. These include customizing the liners, sculpting the shell for individual foot shapes, adding padding or footbeds, and adjusting the buckles and straps. An effective boot fitting process begins with a thorough analysis of the rider's foot anatomy, gait and personal preferences. This information forms the basis for the selection of suitable materials and fitting techniques. The advantages of a customized boot fitting are manifold. In addition to the obvious gain in comfort, it minimizes the risk of foot problems and injuries. It also improves power transmission and precision when skiing or snowboarding, as the rider has better control over their equipment.


Your made-to-measure ski boot for more fun on the slopes

  • 1. Precise measurement & analysis
    In the first step, your feet are checked for height, length, width and position using modern analysis systems.
  • 2. Individual fitting
    The ideal ski boot is found and precisely adjusted to your foot by warming, shaping, insoles or manual processing.
  • 3. Fine-tuning after test runs
    Adjustments to pressure points for maximum comfort and performance after initial test runs.
  • 4. Why boot fitting at INTERSPORT Arlberg?
    + Careful advice and fitting by an expert
    + Customized solutions for every foot shape
    + Individual analysis of your ski boots