Experience the summer with your company bike

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Experience the summer with your company bike

The new 2024 leasing model

Job-bicycle leasing through your employer saves you up to 35% of the purchase price. We have made this possible together with our partners FIRMENRADL and BIKELEASING. Overcome your inner couch potato and enjoy freedom on two wheels. Find out how easy it is to get your own bike!


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  • Job-bike leasing through the employer means savings of up to 40% compared to direct purchase.
  • The job bike can be used for private purposes as well as for sport and leisure.
  • The process via the leasing partner, for example Firmenradl and Bikeleasing, is uncomplicated.
  • Cycling keeps you fit, is fun and clears your head. It is also environmentally friendly.


  • Promotes the health and motivation of employees.
  • Appealing employer with benefits for employees and advantages when recruiting staff.
  • Innovative and sustainable, which leads to an improvement in the CO2 balance.
  • Cost and liquidity neutral.
  • No risk and no unnecessary effort, thanks to simple processing via the leasing partners.

Example calculation


Haibike | AllTrack 9 | Hardtail eMTB

Bike cost: € 3,499.90

Gross monthly salary: € 3,750
Leasing term: 24 months

New total price: € 2,173.90 = monthly rate € 68.71

SAVE € 1,325.10 / 38% CHEAPER

We will be happy to make an individual calculation for you - just drop by our Home of Bike store. 

Guideline for employees

  1. Ask your employer whether job bikes are offered. If not, let them know about this simple and uncomplicated option.
  2. As soon as your employer has signed a contract with our leasing partner, we recommend Firmenradl and Bikeleasing, you sign up with this leasing partner.
  3. Visit our Home of Bike store and choose the bike you want.
  4. Home of Bike and our partner will take care of the simple and uncomplicated process.
  5. Pick up your bike and get started right away!

Guideline for employers

  1. You sign a contract with a leasing partner (e.g. Firmenradl and Bikeleasing) and determine the price range within which your employees can choose bikes. You can also offer additional bonuses such as insurance or service for the company bike.
  2. You position yourself as an appealing employer by proactively promoting the job bike model to your employees and highlighting it as an advantage during the application process.
  3. Your employees choose the bike of their choice from Home of Bike.
  4. Home of Bike handles the process with the leasing partners, so all you have to do is confirm the employee's eligibility.
  5. When the bike is picked up, you will be informed of the monthly rate, which you must take into consideration for payroll accounting.

FAQ List

The FIRMENRADL concept enables employees to purchase bicycles or e-bikes through their employer and pay for them via salary deduction. Each month, a partial amount is deducted from the gross salary, which generates a discount on salary conversion.

With the tax reform of 01.01.2020, the tax advantage of the e-car was also granted to the electric bike. As a result, the company bike and company e-bike are input tax deductible and private use is also exempt from non-cash benefits. The exact amount of savings depends on various factors: the amount of salary, the price of the bike and the term (24, 36 or 48 months). You want to know how much you can save? Just contact us!

Employees obtain them from their employer and ride them as if they were their own: to get to and from work, of course. But they also use it in everyday life, in their leisure time or as sports equipment. A FIRMENRADL can be any type of bike or e-bike and from any manufacturer. It keeps you healthy, is emission-free, practical and fun. What's more, it is significantly cheaper than a bike you buy yourself thanks to advantageous taxation. An extra insurance package also offers suitable all-round protection.


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