The Intersport Network now has 3 shops in Lech

The Intersport Network now has 3 shops in Lech

Paul Pangratz

After two years of Intersport Arlberg at the Schlosskopf ski lift, we have furthered strengthened our Intersport Network in Arlberg.

Paul Pangratz, CEO

Beginning with the winter season, we are opening our redesigned shop in Haus Pfefferkorn – the Intersport Arlberg “Sporthaus Lech.“ Also, our brand new rental location, “Rüfikopgbahn,“ recently opened ist doors right on the centrally located  Rüfiplatz.

Our new Store Manager and St. Anton native, Paul Pangratz, along with his experienced team, is excited to offer an attractive assortment and the best service possible.

Athletic Fashion and Equipment to Meet All Needs

More Intersport in Lech does not mean „“more of the same.” On the contrary, each of our three shops‘ collections are oriented towards different customer needs and desires – because clearly the freerider and the athletic fashion connoisseur are not in the market for exactly the same things.

By offering more diversity we are seeking to be even more intentional about meeting different customer needs. If you love youthful brands, then you’ll want to check out the Schlosskopfbahn shop. In the Sporthaus Lech shop, located in Haus Pfefferkorn, the full assortment features more elegant and exclusive labels. Customers can expect designs in the completely renovated 300 square meter shop that you can’t easily find everywhere. Our rental location located downstairs offers an additional surprise many. Completely in the trusted Intersport Arlberg style, it provides the highest standard of technical sophistication which ensures a very comfortable and easy rental experience.

The third shop of bunch opens ist doors shortly before Christmas right by the Rüfikop lift in Pfefferkorn’s Hotel. Due to its close proximity to the ski lift, it’s all about rentals, storage, and service in this modern Intersport shop. Visitors will also find a large selection of accessories, skis, and boots in the retail section. 

In addition the great products, outdoor enthusiasts and athletes will discover at all of our locations excellent service from our knowledgeable and friendly staff who are always willing to go the extra mile in order to please the countless customers who choose Intersport Arlberg. Wherever you decide to stop by, we’re looking forward to your visit!